Susy`s Writing


As a child Susy was an avid reader, devouring novel after novel. Her favourite books were the Phantom Horse series by Christine Pullein-Thompson and The Silver Brumby series by Elyne Mitchell. Recently Susy has tried her hand at writing in the form of a blog; The Rubber Curry Comb. This is a series of diary entries, technical insights, anecdotes and topics which come up in her daily life.


From The Rubber Curry Comb, Susy ventured into fiction writing, and has just published the sixth book of The Awelon Tyn Stories - Isla Says Goodbye. These books are aimed at children who are beginning to read independently, and follow the adventures of the children and ponies who live in the small riding stables, Awelon Tyn.

The first five books are illustrated by Rose Lewis, and the sixth by Georgie Hibberd.

All paperback books are available from Amazon, Createspace, or direct from Susy, whilst the kindle edition can also be found at Amazon too.

Tilly Takes Up The Reins


The first illustrated book in the Awelon Tyn series.


Tilly`s dream is about to come true. For her tenth birthday her parents have bought her a horse riding lesson, introducing her to Awelon Tyn Stables, home to lots of ponies, including Zippy and Norman. Set on the side of the mountains in South Wales, these quiet stables won`t be quiet for much longer!


Together with her best friend Emily, Tilly embarks on a rollercoaster, fun-filled Own-A-Pony Day during the Easter holidays.

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Emily Goes Showjumping


The second illustrated book in the Awelon Tyn series.


Emily and her best friend Tilly are going to watch their friends from the riding stables compete at a local horse show. During the exciting day they are introduced to a new girl, Isla. Much to Emily`s disbelief, Isla has two ponies, Dusty and Diablo.


During half term Emily enters Awelon Tyn`s little showjumping competition for novices, but on the day of the show Emily`s favourite pony, Zippy, comes in lame. It seems Emily`s first competition is in jeopardy -  that is, until Isla suggests a solution.

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Isla Picks Herself Up


The third illustrated book in the Awelon Tyn series.


Isla and Diablo are training for an important showjumping competition, where they hope to qualify for the Regionals. One day, things don`t go to plan and Isla hurts herself.


With the big event looming in the near future, Isla is feeling very worried. She doesn`t want to hurt herself again! She confides in one of the teenagers at Awelon Tyn, who soon devises a plan to get Isla back in the saddle and having fun again.

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Tilly Helps A Friend


The fourth illustrated book in the Awelon Tyn series.


Tilly and Emily have started attending After School Club, where they are taught how to care for their ponies as well as learning to ride. Here they meet Calvin, one of the few boys learning to ride at Awelon Tyn. But soon Tilly, Emily and Isla discover that Calvin has some problems of his own.


Together with their favourite riding school ponies, Zippy, Norman and Freya, the three girls learn the value of friendship.


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Festive Fun at Awelon Tyn


The fifth illustrated book in the Awelon Tyn series.


It`s wintertime at Awelon Tyn and Tilly, Emily and Calvin have started helping Sian, their instructor, and the older helpers on weekends. With Gemma and Millie`s guidance, they learn all about looking after their ponies in winter.


The run up to Christmas is exciting for Tilly and Emily, as they go to a world famous horse show with their friend Isla, before entering Awelon Tyn`s festive gymkhana. It`s a day full of laughs and excitement for everyone as the children and their ponies race against each other.

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Isla Says Goodbye


The sixth illustrated book in the Awelon Tyn series.


Isla and her friends are growing up fast. Emily`s legs are too long for her to carry on riding Zippy; and Isla`s pony, Dusty, is for sale! When Tilly, Calvin and Emily are introduced to cross country riding, their instructor, Sian, suggests Emily rides Echo, a tall, chestnut mare. So Emily has to learn to ride a different pony, while Isla tries to find Dusty the perfect next home. 

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The Awelon Tyn Colouring Book


Now you can colour in your favourite characters!


A selection of illustrations and new pictures of the ponies and children at Awelon Tyn are here in lovely, simple line drawing style ready to be brought to life by young artists.

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